Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[Oreteki18kin] CS3+K

A full-color doujin CG manga starring Chun-li, Sakura, & Karin or Street Fighter fame. Big dicks on Sakura & Karin and lots of shots of Chun-li's pussy in Oreteki's "distinctive" style.

WARNING: Pics are HUGE! I edited using the largest images available.


[Karuma Tatsurou] Gags and Erotica Made Fresh Daily - Free Snack Sample

This is an old old translation. So old I forgot where it originated. In fact, these scans and edits, technically aren't my own, but taken from the E-Hentai Galleries. These scans are much larger than my original ones (dating from April 2006), and the edits use my script but without the text coloring method matching the teeny raws I had. If anyone can find raw pages of this quality or direct me to one of Karuma's tankoubons that might have this, I can fix this up.



[Makita Aoi] I'm a Big Fucking Pervert!! (from Momo An 11)

This is an older anthology (2001) that I originally translated way back. I decided to fix up my translation and post it here:

It's only these 4 pages, but if you want a RAR of it:


Monday, June 14, 2010

[Saigado] F-NERD

A Shinji x Misato Eva doujin created by Saigado of Yuri & Friends fame.

Even though Shinji has a thing for panties, he still tries to be polite during sex.

Asuka & Rei only appear in 2 pinups each at the end.


[Kamirenjaku Sanpei] SCHOOL LOVE TEACHER ch. 1

Chapter 1 of a (currently) 3-part series. This debuted in COMIC RiN 06-2009 and is currently the only translated chapter..

In a world where teachers having sex with their students is not only accepted but expected, one teacher is still hesitant to do so. Her fellow teacher tries to help her take the plunge in order for her class to get the proper sex ed they need.

More school antics continue with the next chapters. At some point I'll get around to finishing their translations.


[Katou Jun] Don't You Love My Beautiful Older Sister?

Another Katou Jun one-shot; this time from COMIC RiN 03-2010.

Boy shares his older sister with his best friend (Noah from Inferior ♂).


[Kamirenjaku Sanpei] Penis of Justice

A one-shot from the anthology Futanarikko Love 10.


This one-shot centers around Icchan & Nana-chan from Anal Justice trying to get out of a school overrun by the mass of mindless dickgirls.


[Katou Jun] Futanari Sister a Go! Go!!

Another Katou Jun one-shot from COMIC Megastore H 07-2004. When Mom's away the kids will play. Baby brother dress-up & more. Crossdressing shotas is a staple of Katou Jun/Kouei Do's work, like his Inferior series.


[Orimoto Mimana] Futachu

Oh woe be to the cute shy straight-A girl with a big dick. Heaven knows you're in for some sexing. Luckily, she was a loli-looking BFF with plently of toys and a naive androgynous little "brother".

Story & scans taken from the 2nd half of Mimana's tankoubon Misao MY LOVE. Currently there are no translations of the Misao story nor the one-shot sandwiched inbetween both. If you look around (or still have them on your hard drive), you might find my early attempts of translating the first 2 chapters of this manga. They are old scans from the monthly Comic Megastore releases with not as accurate translations, and worst of all GIANT CENSOR BARS. This version is nearly censor-free.

This is also the only time I made a separate liner note page for everything, rather than a few notes on the page needed.


[Muchi Muchi Seven] Rod Rod Carnival (Sgt. Frog story only)

Another old old translation from me. This is from Comiket 68. I only translated the 1st Sgt. Frog section of the doujin, so there's only 8 pages plus the cover. I might go back and redo this, along with translating the Bulma x Trunks story and the 2nd Aki story, as well as the pinups.

This wasn't the only Muchi Muchi Seven translation I did. I also translated a few Eva pinups of his along with Muchi Muchi Angel 9 -- the latter having a better translation on Doujin-World, though at parts the translation seems eerily similar to mine... No matter, it was one of my first jabs at translating and it showed.


[Musashi-dou] Mika-sensei's Despair

A one-shot by Musashi-dou from the anthology Futanarikko Love 12.

Stuck-up teacher gets blackmailed into wearing multiple vibrators during her class in order to keep her secret hidden. Will she prevail?

This translation is notorious for ruffling the feathers of the scanner Matero for editing his scans. Personally, I'm not a big fan of watermarks and try to fix scanning mistakes, but I'm willing to give him credit for going through the trouble of scanning it anyway.


[RaTe] Sister Slave

RaTe's futa/incest series Sister Slave. Girl finds out her older sister shares her speciality and they fuck-- mostly against her older sister's protests. Things really heat up once a 3rd girl is thrown in. She's not a futa; more like a futa fangirl...

Translations of this were done from scans of the original monthly releases -- before the tankoubon was released. Therefore there are discrepancies in file sizes and quality, most notably on chapter 4 and chapter 6. Also there's minor errors here and there. The front & back cover of the tanko is thrown into the RAR file. Someday I'd love to undertake redoing this using the tankoubon scans... and maybe uncensored, too. This series is a favorite of mine and the fangirl Momoka from this story is as of now plastered on the logo for this blog.


[Behind Moon] Asahina Mikuru's Milk

This a Haruhi doujin made by Behind Moon for the Sunshine Creation 32 convention. Standard Haruhi god-like control/manipulation doujin, but with dicks. On the chicks. And filmed as a movie for Haruhi's benefit.

This is one of the earliest works I've translated, so there's a few translation mistakes and wonky usage of fonts. At some point I might do a touch-up if there's a demand for it.


[Rio Yanagawa] The Lady Pervert and the ___ Boy

This is a one-shot taken from Rio Yanagawa's tankoubon Doutei Ouji ("Virgin Princes"). A lady flasher and a crossdressing boy meet and find out how similar they really are.


[Kamirenjaku Sanpei] Our Next-Door Neighbor's Sperm

A nice lighthearted romp by Kamirenjaku Sanpei. This manga centers mainly on Sayaka, a young girl having to cope with her feelings of her older sister and the new neighbors next-door -- especially Yuu, the cute boy that's come into her life. All she wants is to be with Yuu -- if only all this sex and dicks didn't get in their way.

This story also goes by the name of Tonari no Sperma-san. 7 whole chapters plus epilogue pages. This is NOT the entire tankoubon but merely the title series.


[Katou Jun] Avatar Transform!

This is my current translation, completed at the end of May.

This is a one-shot by Katou Jun from COMIC RiN 05-2010, and is quite similar to Maruneko's Custom Girl one-shot translated by Loofnuk. Boy starts up a new VR porn game he bought and is placed in the role of the game's girl instead of the player, while a virtual girl has her way with his female avatar.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Welcome to my translation blog. I have been translating as a hobby for quite some time now and have completed a few finished chapters and works before. Now I shall be compiling all my previous translations here on one convenient site, plus will post all future translations here in the future.

Don't expect too many updates as I translate on the side, but I hope to maintain a decent level of quality.