Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Kakkii Dou] Protagonists - Erotic Vol.2

Here's a digital doujin set from an artist I've known since joining pixiv years back. If you've wanted more than the mere cheesecake variety of Pokemon art from him, well here it is~

The stories are short, majority only 2 pages long. Each is a vinette of the playable trainers male and female in some sex situation together. Funny how some of them are played as jerks, too. The other volumes of this series focus on other titles like Naruto, if you're wondering.

At the end is a bunch of pin-ups for other characters, ones that a lot more saucier than usual from his site.

MEGA link

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Mix Fry (Takurou)] Rinko Mama Will Console You

Hey, it's everyone's currently favorite anime MILF! This is a fairly recent (C85) doujin of Gundam Build Fighters, of which there are plenty. This one was an easy piece, mostly Sei Iori making a sob-story to fuck his Mom. And really, could you say no to that cute face? Pretty short, but looks great.

MEGA link

Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Juan Gotoh] Salve Regina

This is a bit of an old doujin, but it contains content from 2 great fun PS1 games: Mega Man Legends and Ape Escape. Cute sexings~

MEGA link

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

[Chuuka Manjuu] Mantou.36

Continuing the sexual adventures of Asuka, Shinji, and more! A sequel to Mantou 35, Shinji's still under control with his head clips, except Mari's involved, as well! Really, if you've read any of these, you know what to expect.