Thursday, April 18, 2013

[Makoto Daikichi] Bickering Bring Us Closer!

A Pokémon BW2 doujin that appeared this monday. A simple shouting match between Hugh and Rosa ropes Bianca in to try to make amends. Things keep building until an audience watches many a fetish to try to  presumably win a contest for Hugh's attention. It gets rather silly, if I may say so.

WARNING: Poké-loving/rape occurs in this. Not as harsh as the infamous Faithful Tepig, I hope.

UPDATE : After sleeping on the work, I went back and fixed a handful of pages. The pixiv account contains essentially a prologue one page manga bonus made months before, along with a alternate account of said prologue. These jpgs are now added into the RAR files in the links. There's also an introspective naughty thought segment for these 2 pics from Hugh's mind, undressing Rosa, but I might do that later.

Download Link
Alt Download Link