Friday, January 16, 2015

[Kouei do] Mikawa Ondo 6

This is a C76 release that no one translated. Turns out it's pretty easy to!

Wow, haven't done any futa stuff in a long while. Hope you like!

MEGA link

Monday, January 12, 2015

[Makoto Daikichi] SERENA BOOK 3.5 Epilogue

Even more troubling times for Serena from Makoto Daikichi. This pic set's from his pixiv, so the resolution's not outrageous. It's a new year and things aren't that much different for the poor trainer. Short, but.... well, not that sweet...

MEGA Download Link

Friday, January 9, 2015

[xxzero] Faithful Tepig I-II The Planned Sequel

This is a bit of a surprise for C87. In what is a tell-all and work-in-progress, xxzero released a small booklet as sort of a mid-quel and explanation for what occurred. The rumor for years was that he was hit with a cease-and-desist from Nintendo (something that has happened in the past), but according to xxzero, it was due to his own supposed failings. This paper is less a story and more a commentary on the unfinished new art he made. Perhaps a real Faithful Tepig 2 / 1.5 will emerge in the future...

MEGA link

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Makoto Daikichi C87 Two-fer

The hell that is Christmas time is over. It's Comiket time, so new doujins!

Like during C86, Makoto Daikichi published 2 full-color Pokemon doujins. This time both are 20 pages long! The first is the 3rd and possibly last of the Serena degradation story, so whether the humiliation ramped up or sputtered out is your call. The other is an ORAS tale of a sexually open Hoenn, leading up from the beginning of the game to Mauville City. I almost wished some of the focus was not on the researcher. I mean, no interesting stuff occurred with at least 2 of the gym leaders? Makoto also deemed this May doujin as being "nicer and uplifting", but....

And to complaints about editing, I wish not to muck up the art too much. Makoto doesn't post versions without the text and I can't exactly ask him/her, "Hey, can you post your clean art so I can translate them and post them illegally?".


SERENA BOOK 3 Last Poke vision
Orgasmic Cycle GOGO