Monday, June 2, 2014

(Kemoket 2) [Mayoineko (Nakagami Takashi)] She's the Eye Candy of the Village

A bit of a different turn (as well as a request). This one's a doujin parody of Animal Crossing, so yes, it constitutes as being furry. Since New Leaf's been so popular, there's a few Isabelle shorts in this, as well as the cover girl Sable. Also possibly due to the Smash Bros. reveal, expect some creepy Villager, as well.

This took longer to get out than usual due to being busy with a big gift lovingly given to me. *^-^*

EDIT: Had to fix two pages. Since my time with Animal Crossing has only been with the original (it's easier to call it "original") Gamecube one and the DS Wild World, and the wiki I looked at neglected to mention a 3rd Able Sister added later in the series. I apologize. Chalk it up as me thinking it was part of the transformation of Sable at first, though Sable has a different speech pattern once she opens up regardless. At least I got the Colton stuff right...

MEGA link   (updated to version 2)