Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Gambler Club] PM GALS XY

Another C85 pokemon doujin. All of the old anime main girls from the series are threatened with the new girl for the XY series, so they take it into their hands to keep her away from Ash. Well, Iris kinda stays out of it, as does Ash himself.

The preview papers for Gambler Club's other doujin were left out of this doujin set. It's not pokemon related.

I might translate the added Dawn chapter for the compilation PM Gals doujin, or maybe re-edit the whole series. Who knows?


Saturday, January 4, 2014

[Makoto Daikichi] HAKOIRI MUSUME (Girl in the Box)

The latest Makoto Daikichi Pokemon doujin from Comiket 85, based on the new X/Y generation.
Serena just moved into Kalos, but it appears her past comes back to haunt here when a older man from Kanto recognizes her. Much like Makoto's work, expect plenty of bondage and poke-fun!

EDIT: Little fix-ups on a bunch of pages, so redownload if you like!

Download Here

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Rustle] Sakura & Karin (from BOOST!)

A quickie 4-page piece from Rustle/COPEN's fighting game doujin pin-up/short manga compile, all in color and decensored!

[Chuuka Manjuu] Mantou.26

In some sort of Christmas miracle, this blog is back up-- at least for now...

Anyway, during the blogspot's death, I translated another Mantou chapter, slowly working on the rest of the series. Anyway more early Shinji x Asuka funtimes!


Still 0-2 on birthday and christmas, though...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Further Update and Notice

As of now almost every link for the translations have been updated with MEGA download redirects.

Certain old segmented translations have not been updated, as complete sets are available elsewhere:

[Chiba Toshirou] Private Room + Suite Room are part of desudesu's translation of the complete tankoubon [Chiba Toshirou] Candy House

[Chinbotsu] Summer! First Sexual Experience + [Chinbotsu] Naho of the Onahole ~Epilogue~ are part of the complete tankoubon [Chinbotsu] Tropical Banana Girl which doujin-moe did in full

[Satsuki Itsuka] Apprentice to a _ Year-Old Slut! is part of [Satsuki Itsuka] Byuu Byuu Bitch which is comprised of multiple translators in one entire package

[Uno Makoto] Futanari Cafe is from the magazine Futarii which doujin-moe completed

The first chapter of Avatar Trans is not updated as the series has been translated by others since and has reached chapter 10 as of now. A quick search will grant you more of the story than I have available and the series is still unfinished.

Any other small translations can be downloaded here: Link

I might look into the suggested alternative sites in the future.

If you get a sad panda with each volume link, here's how to get past it: Link  Be sure to delete cookies as well.

Just a heads-up

A recent blog-deletion scare has left me concerned of this site's possible termination. Just wanted to let everyone know just in case this site and links get deleted.

Hopefully I can go through and back everything I can onto MEGA and possibly another site for downloads. If all else e-hentai and most likely exhentai has I believe everything I've translated and posted here-- most uploaded by myself. If there is anything missing, please be sure to notify. I SHOULD have everything on my hard drive in case of a major takedown/C&D.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Okuni Yoshinobu -Kitsch-] Second Children

Yep, another Asuka x Shinji doujin. This one's a little more "fanficcy" in the sense it does a follow-through on the kissing scene from the show along with other elements from the episode, along with certain dramatic feelings. So yeah, a little less light-hearted than say the Mantou series, but still enjoyable.

I only have a MEGA link, since Verzend's taking down some of my stuff now... If you need another source, be sure to check e-hentai or exhentai for many of my doujins. Those tend to stay.

MEGA Download Link