Monday, December 1, 2014

[Makoto Daikichi] Rosa + Serperior image set (2013)

This is Makoto Daikichi's little color story he made at the beginning of 2013. It was made using the no-text images on the same set:

Rosa loses a poke battle without enough funds. The other trainer decides NOT to have her pay back in rape dollars, but that won't stop him from making her Serperior do the job for him.

The 2nd pic didn't have a clean pic per se, so I used the similar pic above instead. Since the lighting's different, I couldn't remove the "2013" without some noticable image issues. Hope you don't mind...

MEGA link

Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Shigatake] Totally Unaware Good Vibes Nikki -Nikki's Personal Diary-

Here it is, after so many years and after the death of the application! Super-cute Nikki from Swapnote in her very own ecchi (but not hentai) doujin!

I feel so bad taking so long editing this and everything. I'm sorry for that...   m(  _ . _  )m

MEGA Download Link

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

[Gouguru] Delia's PokéVision

Quickie Delia x Ash incest vid translation. It's technically the longest Gouguru work translated, though a few other pages the artist's made have been translated by me or others, available on gelbooru or sankaku. Check out the one with Ash's Mom giving him condoms.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Gambler Club] PM GALS XY 2

Another C86 doujin, the next in Gambler Club's Pokemon doujin series. It's best to read the Compilation and XY 1 first before this one (available on this blog).

If you have been keeping up, the main heroines from the anime* FINALLY get to do it with Ash! If you like your boys dumb and hung, well, here's your doujin. He's adorably naive throughout the story, but he becomes quite the casanova. It's fairly lovey-dovey even with the rivalry. Whether or not this plot continues depends on the artist, but after years and years, it'd nice to see Ash finally man up, as it were.

* Iris still is not part of the orgy, though there is a short BBS NOTE that, sadly, isn't included in this. If someone can find that and scan it, please do!

MEGA link

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Makoto Daikichi C86 Double-Pack!

2 Full-Color doujins at the same Comiket! They are short though, especially the Hex Maniac one.

If you've read any of the Makoto Daikichi work I've translated (and you should, at least for a few of the lines in the Serena book), you'll have an idea of what to expect: bondage, rape, and pokemon!

As to not mess with the art too much, the narrative dialogue is sequestered to the side. Hope it isn't too much of a bother. Some of the text on the Hex Maniac's iPad at the beginning is a little harder to read, so it's not really bothered with.

And yes, the mispellings in the titles are how they are originally.

Serena MEGA link
Hex Maniac MEGA link

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Kakkii Dou] Protagonists - Erotic Vol.2

Here's a digital doujin set from an artist I've known since joining pixiv years back. If you've wanted more than the mere cheesecake variety of Pokemon art from him, well here it is~

The stories are short, majority only 2 pages long. Each is a vinette of the playable trainers male and female in some sex situation together. Funny how some of them are played as jerks, too. The other volumes of this series focus on other titles like Naruto, if you're wondering.

At the end is a bunch of pin-ups for other characters, ones that a lot more saucier than usual from his site.

MEGA link

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Mix Fry (Takurou)] Rinko Mama Will Console You

Hey, it's everyone's currently favorite anime MILF! This is a fairly recent (C85) doujin of Gundam Build Fighters, of which there are plenty. This one was an easy piece, mostly Sei Iori making a sob-story to fuck his Mom. And really, could you say no to that cute face? Pretty short, but looks great.

MEGA link