Sunday, March 8, 2015

[Gambler Club] PM GALS Ash Unrivaled

The long wait is over! The latest PM GALS has finally been scanned properly after I finished the script back in January thanks to one anonymous poster making photo captures.
Based on a 4 episode run, Ash & co. are at Pokemon Summer Camp and Ash's harem grows. Somehow sexual "power creep" seems to have set in from the other PM GALS works, where guys that can fuck twice in a row in nothing special.
On the technical side, I used a different technique to fix the grey levels from the original scan. Everything seemed okay, but the scanner guy has one early page a little lighter than the rest, but hopefully no one else will notice. I also cheapened out on one page for editing, so sorry about that....
Fun fact: Due to the title and font choices, I jokingly wanted to call this "Ash Warriors" after Dynasty Warriors, which I've only played Hyrule Warriors.

BTW, I was told that someone ran around Katsucon saying they were me. I don't know why this person did so, but it wasn't me. I've only been to Baltimore once, and never been to that con.

On another note, due to blogspot's changes on posts, I've having to move to Wordpress, so go to this site from now on:

I'll try to make a huge post with all the old links.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

(C87) [Watosato (Sugiura Sen)] SUPER BITCH WORLD

By demand and personally requested by at least 2 people, here's a Mario doujin with Peach is a slut. Yep, that's pretty much it.

MEGA Download Link

Friday, February 13, 2015

[Gambler Club] PM GALS XY (version 2)

Here as promised, the fixed PM GALS XY 1.

There's little changed in the words, but the extraneous bubbles are filled in, and the greys have been lightened so it isn't as dark as before.

PM GALS XY v2 Download

Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Gambler Club] PM GALS XY 2 version 2 (+ info)

As mentioned, the latest PM GALS was released and viewable, but only as camera snapshots. Currently, the script is finished thanks to these camera captures, but editing will have to wait until proper scans emerge.

However, due to plot elements in the new chapter, minor changes had to be made to the last couple of PM GALS, XY 2 is especially tinkered with, mostly over the last few months due to minor errors, but there's enough changes made now to warrant a new version to post. Many of the new word changes used will make more sense for the next chapter.

XY 1 has one minor fix to the dialogue, but is being re-edited atm to add in the extraneous word balloons and special care to fix the too-dark greys. It will be reposted with its version 2 in the future.

I might make repostings of other translations that have VEERRRRY minor mistakes, but that'll be for another day...

Just know that, yes, the newest PM GALS is on my radar. The subtitle is Satoshi Musou (yes, like the game series), but I'm wondering which translation to use for it. Ash Unrivaled? Ash Unparalleled? Ash Dynasty Warriors? He does take on a ton of girls in it...

Regardless, all the taxing translating for it is done. Now we wait for good scans so the taxing editing can commence!

PM GALS XY 2 v2 - Download

[Gambler Club] C87 BBS NOTEs

Here's a little treat. Someone on /h/ had went to C87 and was able to procure works from Gambler Club, including the Comiket-exclusive short little note pages (He also bought the newest PM GALS, but only made camera snapshots of the pages; these he was generous to scan due to their size).

The Pokemon piece is a simple one, based on the ongoing events of PM GALS. Todd Snap shows more of his collection of photos, this time focus on the exploits Ash has with older women now that he's... awakened to his prowless. The Happiness Charge PreCure is another short-but-sweet sidestory based off a scene from episode 44.

MEGA Download Link (contains both parts)

Friday, January 16, 2015

[Kouei do] Mikawa Ondo 6

This is a C76 release that no one translated. Turns out it's pretty easy to!

Wow, haven't done any futa stuff in a long while. Hope you like!

MEGA link

Monday, January 12, 2015

[Makoto Daikichi] SERENA BOOK 3.5 Epilogue

Even more troubling times for Serena from Makoto Daikichi. This pic set's from his pixiv, so the resolution's not outrageous. It's a new year and things aren't that much different for the poor trainer. Short, but.... well, not that sweet...

MEGA Download Link