Friday, May 16, 2014

[Penguindou] Dungeons & Dairy Pillows Elf

Another easy translation, all things considered. It's a rather silly tale of a dungeon-crawling elf warrior getting bested in her quest for gold. Since it's Penguindou/Doom Comic, it's big squishy bewbs galore!

MEGA link

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Jairou] T.F.S Vol.01

Wait, a translation that isn't Pokemon or Eva related? This isn't right!

Made for COMITIA 107 by what most people still remember as XiL, based on a set of pics he made prior. Cute sex droid for helping girls learn how to have sex. Honestly, we don't need a slightly updated iPhone, we need tech teams working on these pronto!

Included with the book is all the related pictures from the artist's pixiv account, for those who have trouble finding them.

MEGA link

EDIT :  I found 2 extra pics that go with the set, but rather than reupload the 7z, here they are:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

[Gambler Club] PM GALS Compilation COMPLETE!

The entire Gambler Club Pokemon compilation is finally finished!

The doujin collects the old Takeshi no Mousou Diary and PM GALS as well as the new Dawn story previously posted. The new doujin's been scanned in high quality by tenchi20 using black bar censoring instead of pixels. As stated in the news post the Takeshi translation is FAR closer to the original now and much better quality than the old scan.

Included with the doujin is the covers from the old doujins and pages not reprinted. This includes a sadly lower quality nice costume swap pics with Nurse Joy & Officer Jenny and Misty & May. There's also a tiny preview of a fan that was given out in Comiket during the original release of Takeshi.

Doujin includes the following:

- Far-fetched tales of Brock with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny
- What happened during Orange Islands
- M.F.P. (a very minor group of characters for Poke Contests during the Advanced section of the anime)
- Even more Brock
- Todd Snap's candid photos
- Max not as annoying
- Eldershipping
- Butt stuff
- Blatant lies (?)
- Ash still being a virgin

MEGA link

UPDATE: File should be fixed now!

Of course if you want more, be sure to check out the follow-up doujin by Gambler Club taking place during Gen 6 : PM GALS XY

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


As of now, the first segment originally titled "Takeshi no Mousou Diary" from over a decade ago is completely retranslated. However, to alleviate too much confusion, a download won't be given until the entire Compilation is finished. The 2004 PM GALS part is mostly done aside from the pesky tiny word bubbles, of which there are many.

For people used to the old scanlation, the English translation was... how to put it lightly, winging it to the point of rewrite levels 80%+ of the time. The old PM GALS translation is far more accurate, so the new translation I give won't be too far off from that, barring using the English names for the characters.

Still, this is a daunting doujin, but stay tuned for the entire revised translation for the entire doujin!

Friday, May 2, 2014

[Gambler Club] PM GALS Compilation

More Gambler Club cutesy goodness!

For now the only translation is for the new section made for the compilation, but I might redo the entire doujin sometime.

The new story is Dawn x Zoey. A little rival lovin' in Sinnoh. Butt stuff, too. Maybe that's why Dawn breaks out the double ended dildo for shared anal with Serena in the PM GALS XY story. Ash is still clueless. Plus the added little jokey stuff at the end.

MEGA link