Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Kamirenjaku Sanpei] SCHOOL LOVE TEACHER ch. 2

This release has had a long time coming...

Originally from COMIC RiN 01-2010, this continues the adventures of Ms. Haruka in a world of hands-on pre-teen sex ed. Turns out some girls don't like having a dickgirl teacher...

This chapter was held off due to the pulpy scan and required a lot of cleaning. I waited to see if a collected tankoubon would be made, but that seems farther off than expected so I decided to finish it off (meanwhile, all of Anal Angel was released and is being translated by WOW!Scans).


Monday, March 14, 2011

[Chiba Toshirou] Suite Room

The sequel to Private Room and from the same tanoubon. Originally from COMIC Purumero 04-2011, the dorm mother and the student spend their new year's break at a hotel.

The couple at the end is from an earlier story in the tankoubon.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Chiba Toshirou] Private Room

A one-shot chapter from Chiba Toshirou's tankoubon Candy ★ House; originally from COMIC Purumero 05-2010.

Sorta standard affair: Dorm mother finds hidden porn in a student's room. He comes in. Sex. Nice art, at least^^