Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Gambler Club] PM GALS XY 2 version 2 (+ info)

As mentioned, the latest PM GALS was released and viewable, but only as camera snapshots. Currently, the script is finished thanks to these camera captures, but editing will have to wait until proper scans emerge.

However, due to plot elements in the new chapter, minor changes had to be made to the last couple of PM GALS, XY 2 is especially tinkered with, mostly over the last few months due to minor errors, but there's enough changes made now to warrant a new version to post. Many of the new word changes used will make more sense for the next chapter.

XY 1 has one minor fix to the dialogue, but is being re-edited atm to add in the extraneous word balloons and special care to fix the too-dark greys. It will be reposted with its version 2 in the future.

I might make repostings of other translations that have VEERRRRY minor mistakes, but that'll be for another day...

Just know that, yes, the newest PM GALS is on my radar. The subtitle is Satoshi Musou (yes, like the game series), but I'm wondering which translation to use for it. Ash Unrivaled? Ash Unparalleled? Ash Dynasty Warriors? He does take on a ton of girls in it...

Regardless, all the taxing translating for it is done. Now we wait for good scans so the taxing editing can commence!

PM GALS XY 2 v2 - Download

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